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4.5 stars | 100 reviews
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How Bark & Roll Got Started

Lisa And Roger’s Story

Lisa first started loving animals at a very young age. Even before she could walk, she would crawl into the family dog’s crate. This love of animals expanded to include hamsters, tropical fish, horses, and of course, dogs of every size and breed! At 12 years old, Lisa started her foray into dog training with dog showing. Her experience there won her many awards and equipped her with vital skills for Bark & Roll.

Roger spent his childhood in Lima, Perú. While he never had the chance to own dogs in Perú, he still loved animals. At 17 years old, he immigrated to the United States and got a job at a dog daycare. That love for animals helped him succeed in his position. After meeting Lisa, they realized they had the same dream of helping dogs everywhere.

Now Lisa and Roger are happily engaged and running Bark & Roll together. They own two dogs together, an English bulldog named Po Panda and a rescue hound mix named Oliver. They had dreamed of owning a dog daycare together for years, and thanks to years of hard work, they can finally work together to make Bark & Roll a destination for dogs everywhere! 

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